#16. Washing hair with herbal olive oil soap

Already for about four years I use handcrafted olive oil soap for the total body care, but I never dared to use it to wash my hair with, till some months ago. Before, I really believed that shampoos and only shampoos are good for hair, and used the shampoo that is promoted as the most mild one: the everyday shampoo. The reason for trying to test the herbal olive soap is: my hair was looking more and more miserable, despite a healthy lifestyle, despite the mild everyday shampoo, despite all other wonderful shampoos, conditioners and masks that I tried as long these exist. My hair is curly, thick, and dry. It is becoming gray, which means that the already dry construction of the hair is becoming even drier. Though the shampoo market has become very successful and seemingly satisfying every woman’s and man’s wish to get the perfect hair: I have never found the perfect shampoo.

Finally, I have tried my own handcrafted soap to wash my hair with, and the results are surprisingly good. Not only because of the natural ingredients, like olive oil and medicinal herbs, but also because I wash my hair now just once per week. Soap cleans intenser than any kind of shampoo. Handcrafted herbal olive oil soap also nourishes not only the skin, but also the hair. Washing my hair once per week with the everyday shampoo was not successful.

Now I know: the invention of the so-called everyday shampoo has been the most important reason why my hair has come into such an awful condition. There is logic in it. By using the everyday shampoo, which is like all shampoos, a fluid composition of chemicals and water, the natural environment of the skin became out of balance, finally damaged and this has exhausted the sebaceous gland[1] which was of course constantly trying to produce enough sebum: the sebaceous gland secretes an oily or waxy matter, called sebum, which nourishes and softens the hair and skin of mammals. In humans, sebaceous glands occur in the greatest number on the face, scalp and behind the ears, but also on the other parts of the skin.

See the Cretan Garden handcrafted herbal olive oil soap collection here.

Here follows an overview of the procedure of how to care for your hair in a natural way. It is based on my own experiences, during several months.

The natural system

Day 1:

While the water runs over your head you massage your head with your finger tops. Press and rub, in little circles, while you “walk” with your finger tops over the entire scalp. In this way you activate the skin, and dilute the sebum. (Photo: Armin Rimoldi)


Take the soap bar and move it over and through the hair. Massage the scalp and the hair and repeat the finger-tops massage: walking over the scalp and through the hair with the finger tops, while pressing, rubbing and circling with the finger tops. There will not be much lather, maybe not any, because of the sebum, and rests of hair creams, wax, hairspray, etc. Continue anyway. (Photo: Mikhail Nilov)

Wash it out. (Photo by Armin Rimoldi)





Use the soap bar again, and repeat the procedure. Do not forget the ears, inside, outside, the zone behind the ears, the entire face and the neck. (Photo: Mikhail Nilov)



Now lather is there, if not enough, then repeat the massage after washing out with much water. (Photo by Scandinavian Biolabs)




Wash it out, with much water, and wash the rest of the body with the same soap. Then wash away all soap lather. (Photo by Armin Rimoldi)



Before you dry yourself rub the still wet skin of the body in with a mix of olive oil and essential oil (150 ml olive oil, 15 drops essential oil of your choice), and with the leftover of it in your hand also the scalp and hair. Then dry. Let your hair dry naturally; do not use a hair dryer. (Photo: Armin Rimoldi)

Day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

To keep your hair nice smelling you can drip 1-2 drops pure essential oil in one hand palm, spread it over two hands by moving the hand palms over each other, and spread it over and through the towel-dry hair, and over the skin of the scalp, after the shower (without using soap or shampoo for the hair), or after you have wet it with a washcloth. Then let your hair dry naturally, which means: without using a hair dryer. (Photo: Feyza Yildirim)

Day 8: Wash your hair with soap again, and follow the procedure of day 1 and then day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

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