#21. WooCommerce / part 2


OBS: WooCommerce del 1 og 2 er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk.

Please read first: WooCommerce / part 1.

The newest WordPress templates, not a good advise for a transition of an old theme

During several months, I have been working at the WordPress Astra website in Cloudways. The template TwentyTwo had been advised by WordPress in a discussion with them about all the WooCommerce problems I met with this template, the Baskerville 2. There are really excellent reviews about Astra:

“Astra is the fastest, flexible and free WordPress theme that is intuitive and offers deeper integration with WooCommerce. With unique features and countless customizations you can build a store that matches your brand. see all features.”

During these months I learned how Cloudways “works”. Cloudways works with too many bots, and is excellent for advanced, well trained professionals, which I am not. It took for instance a long time before I understood where exactly I could edit my WordPress template. One can ask questions, but the answer you get is a list with questions, and you may take a look if your question is between them. Several times I tried and gave up.

The human (personal help) side of Cloudways is hidden and mostly not available. WordPress is in its contacts with users more human, and social. However. How Twenty-Two works or not, I do not know because my son choose the Astra, which I did not know. Though Astra has such beautiful reviews I would not recommend it In case you want to change your already older WordPress template into a more advanced theme. It is too difficult.

I discovered that Astra is incomparable with former templates, offers high tech tools, works with a very advanced blocks system, but is so much different from older WordPress templates that one does not recognize anything from before. The WordPress offer to support me in the transition was very kind, but since the Twenty-Two is one of the latest WP themes, it iwll be totally different from your older theme, and therefore the advise was naive, because the step is too big. WP-help team would NOT have been able to support me in the right way. It would have taken too much time before all was installed in the way I want it, and the frustrations would have been beyond any imagination. Fortunately I could work with it offline in Cloudways, otherwise I would have had a problem, that never could have been solved without the expensive help of a professional. However, not any professional could have had the affinity with my product that I have and would not have understood my highly necessary preferences. Note: when working in Cloudways too often the computer froze, and I had to refresh the browser to make it active again. My computer, though not a simple and light one, has sometimes similar problems with WP, but not in this way.

Conclusion: Starting with one of the newest themes, while used to older WP templates, and searching for a more advanced WooCommerce webshop possibility via another template, is asking for big problems: all what you have built up in the older template is going to become a real mess, because the newest template system is totally different: Vista has a very attractive look but with hardly any space for informative text: all is focused on visual attraction, not on information. Vista offers full width pages and posts which are tiring to read, and aesthetically even ugly. Later I discovered that it is possible to adjust the width. I still do not know how to install a header photo. Could not find any button for it. The column width of the Baskerville 2 is for me much more attractive, easy to edit and read, and does not boost with enormous picture sizes to try to push you to buy, even despite any quality. The ONLY negative part of the Baskerville 2 is the webshop, WooCommerce. It has a basic performance, with not more than just one vertical row. Reason why I created myself a kind of a gallery with links above it. This has been the reason to search for another template, but I failed to find one. WordPress should create a plugin for older templates, to create a well functioning webshop.

Shortly: if you consider to transform your already existing WordPress website/blog into a newer version, do not jump into the latest templates. Not any coach can help you out of the too many problems that are popping up when you change the template into this very advanced new system. All together there were finally enough reasons for me to say goodbye to Astra, to Cloudways, and to continue with this Baskerville 2 template, on WordPress. The shop is simple, but it works. The shop is open since June 12, 2022.

In case there are problems with ordering via the shop, you are welcome to place an order via an email. An example: click here.

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