About me

Bruk oversetteren til høyre og velg Norsk: “Norwegian”.

Antoinette Janssen, born in 1948 in the Netherlands; mother and grandmother; former teacher and naturopathic therapist; pensioner: living in Norway since 2010.

3577 Hovet, Viken

My engagement with nature

Aware of being responsible for the protection of nature and the environment, utterly worried about the seemingly unstoppable worsening disharmony of the climate and Mother Earth, created by human activities, I try to be a voice for her through blogs and other media.

The making of natural, biodegradable soap started in 2018 when significant quantities of high quality organic olive oil and herbs of my Cretan friend were slowly expiring, and thus lost. I have grown up with a deep respect for food: food may never be wasted. By converting these fantastic gifts of Mother Nature into natural degradable soap, I contribute to a special form of recycling, and am creating even a sustainable product: the soap has no expiry date.

“Love responsibility. Say: It is my duty, and mine alone, to save the earth. If it is not saved, then I alone am to blame. Love each man according to his contribution in the struggle.
Do not seek friends. Seek comrades-in-arms.” – From: Nikos Kazantzakis – Ascesis: The Saviors of God


  • Blogging[1][2][3]
  • Being in nature
  • Photography[1][2]
  • Activism: Stop 5G[1]
  • Video editing[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Education / Jobs

Primary Education teacher training at Fontys University of Applied Sciences
(1964 – 1968)

Education Naturopathy – medicinal herbs, essential oils, Bach flower remedies, therapeutic massages, reflex-zone therapy
(1996 – 2000)

Registered naturopathic therapist
(2000 – 2010)

Ecological Handmade Soap Manufacturer
2018 – present

Owner Cretan Garden – Janssen web-shop / e-commerce
2021 –

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