I am born in the Netherlands in 1948; attended the Primary Education teacher training at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, and graduated in 1968; new life-trails and new life-directions brought spiritual deepening (start in 1980), which created a different view on life and well-being, and the start of studies (1996), training(1996) and work as a certified naturopath (2000-2010). Disciplines: zone therapy, therapeutic massages, medicinal herbs, and Bach flower-remedies. Emigration to Norway followed in 2010. The study and making of handcrafted soap started in 2018. In 2021 the Cretan Garden web-shop (herbal olive soaps) will be opened.

Antoinette Janssen, 3577 Hovet, Norway.

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Registration: NO 921 292 155, Norway

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