Soap and Scent

Cretan Garden soaps are made for “green” noses. The robust though mild scent of the herbal olive soap mixed with essential oils[1], is incomparable with the scent of soaps with perfumes and other synthetic fragrances. Natural soaps are part of a total natural body care, with natural herbal body oils, shampoos, deodorants, and creams. Once you have used them you love them. The start of using herbal olive oil soaps can be a first step of going back to natural, to green, to pure, to the essence of being.

Soap and Skin

Behind every soap lies an enormous amount of information, knowledge and expertise[2]. Soap and skin are going hand in hand, and that has been a wonderful journey for almost 5000 years[3]. However. We live in a time in which skin complaints are not the exception but the rule. It is therefore necessary to provide information about the role of soap, and therefore the pH value[4] of the many types of soaps, with regard to those skin complaints. Although the handmade olive oil soaps have been used with much satisfaction during a long time in history, due to the increasing environmental pollution, electromagnetic radiation, unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, a skin type has arisen that can even be allergic to natural handcrafted soap. A visit to a dermatologist can create insight, but also the on this website available information could help.

Soap and Safety

Because there are many different publications and conclusions on soap and detergents, including from the soap industry, I have taken time to carefully read the scientific studies and reviews published in particular in PubMed and ResearchGate. The most relevant studies are collected on the «Research» page[5].

This website is also the source of information for my web-shop. The online selling of items covered by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority[6] is only allowed when the necessary information is provided. The quantity of that information is too much for the wrapper. Therefore only the most essential information is to be found on the inside, together with a link to this website.

Soap and Shelf life

Cretan Garden soaps do not have an expiry date. Read more about this and how to store the soap in the information[7] in the chapters 9 and 10.

Soap and Suppliers

The suppliers of the Cretan Garden soaps are Felea Goods (organic extra virgin olive oil; organic herbs), Crete[8], Bio Aroma (essential oils)[9], Crete, and Hallingdal Trykk, Norway (wrappers)[10].

Soap and Sustainability

Cretan Garden soaps are sustainable. The idea of the start of Cretan Garden is born out of the wish to recycle the olive oil and herbs in the basement before they would have become expired, and therefore lost. Cretan Garden soaps do not have an expiring date because they are absolutely vegan, and the herbs were absolutely dry before using. All is perfectly recycled, saved from waste, and therefore sustainable. The wrapper has been environmentally-safe printed. The paper can be recycled again.

Soap and So Much More….

Like: Hygiene, Health, pH values, Babies, Children, Nature, Ingredients……

When starting to read about these subjects you will learn how interesting all is. Curious? Take a dive into the collections of information[7], researches[9], blog[11], photos on Flickr[12], Pinterest[13], and the videos on YouTube[14}.


And then there is of course also Crete. On this website you can already find information about this unique Greek island[15]. In the blog post “The Minoan Lady”[16] you can read about the lady in the icon of this blog. Soon there will be more about “Why Crete?”

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