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Prices of the soaps / Prisene på såpene

Bruk oversetteren til høyre og velg Norsk: “Norwegian”.

The prices of the Cretan Garden’s Seven Soaps are categorized according to the total of used essential oils, in milliliters per batch of 20 soaps. Note: the European Union has applied a maximum of 3% essential oil, which is 60 ml per Cretan Garden batch.

Your own preferences

In the first series the most of the presented Cretan Garden soaps have been created with 20 ml essential oil per batch and this total of millilitres of essential oils is going to be used for all following series.

However: It is possible to order a complete batch of 20 soaps with your own preferences. If you are interested you are welcome to send a message via the contact form., and place your order there, mentioning your preferences concerning the essential oils in millilitres, and the name of the essential oil.

Price per bar of soap / total millilitres essential oil per batch of 20 soaps


  1. In case of a shortage of the chosen essential oil, new bottles will have to be ordered in Crete. This can take some weeks. When arrived, the creation of your batch can start.
  2. It takes about 10 weeks before a batch is cured, ready to be packed, and sent. 
  3. Using the soap daily for taking a shower, and keeping the soap on a dry spot, in a dry room, after washing, you need about one bar of soap per month, per person.
  4. To avoid unnecessary sending costs there is a local-pickup for those who live in the area with the ZIP code 3577, Norway. Information will be added in the order-confirmation e-mail.

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