Grated Oregano Soap / Raspet Oregano Såpe / 100 gram

kr 85



Info: Oregano Soap – Oregano Såpe – 5 ml

Net weight: 100 gram

Instructions for a 15-30 minutes footbath: 2 soupspoons grated oregano soap in 4 liters warm water. Chose a temperature that you like the best, but not too hot. Stir the grated soap till solved. While with the feet in the footbath, you can scrub your feet with a special loofah. After the footbath you have to dry your feet thoroughly, also between the toes. You can rub in the skin of your feet with your home-made body oil. Then put on clean, dry socks.

When the footbath is used for athlete’s foot[1][2], repeat this every day, for about two weeks. Attention: disinfect your shoes with for instance salt -dry cleaning-, or baking soda (natrium bi-carbonate) -dry cleaning-. You can use the water of the footbath for the socks you were wearing. Keep the socks for a night in the soapy water, let them leak out, and wash them together with laundry of the same material.

If the athlete’s foot is not healed after two weeks, despite a daily footbath, and shoe- and socks hygiene: visit a doctor.

The soap is grated not earlier than just before sending. Soon more grated soaps will be available: Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Patchouli-Rosemary, YlangYlang-Rosemary, and Lavender-Rosemary



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