Opening: December 21, 2021

The Cretan Garden Welcome Discount

21-12-2021: Winter Solstice[1][2][3][4][5], Opening Web Shop at 16:59, the official start of Vintersolverv[6], winter solstice, in Norway. The welcome discount is a one time gift of one bar in an order of minimal five bars. The welcome discount ends on 22-02-2022.

Winter Solstice is about celebrating the rebirth of creation. The days start to get a little longer from this point, and the sun starts to shine brighter. This, therefore, symbolizes confidence, hope, and positivity. Astrological effects may be produced by any geological phenomenon. And thus the Winter Solstice, as per astrology, has an enormous impact on human life.” [1]

“The Sun was worshipped by the ancient Greeks as a god. He was the creator of the seasons of the year, and the cycle of phenomena and the alternations associated with them, from sowing to vegetation and from flowering to harvest. He was depicted on a fiery chariot starting each morning, passing through the sky and scattering light on Earth. Not only that, but he was also identified with Phoebus Apollo, the god of Light. Many religions had placed the birth of their gods in the winter solstice. In Ancient Greece at the Winter Solstice they celebrated the birth of Dionysus, son of Zeus and the virgin Semele. They called him “saviour” and “Θείο Βρέφος“, “Divine Child“.”[2][Zeus was born on Crete]

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The 2022 Discounts

The 2022 discounts will be linked with some, not yet chosen, international days for the environment. See list.

Winter Solstice

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