Cretan Olive Oil / Kretisk olivenolje

Bruk oversetteren til høyre og velg Norsk.

The olive oil, used in the Cretan-Garden soaps, is from Felea Goods, Crete.

“The palette of exquisite virgin olive oils of FeleaGoods® is completed with two special proposals: the protected designation of origin (PDO) olive oils of Sitia and North Mylopotamos.

They originate from different regions of Crete with different climate and soil texture; however they do share a common characteristic: they are produced by locals with PDO certification who follow the traditional local methods of cultivation and picking of the olives.” Source

Scientific research

Olive oil

  • Antioxidant Properties and Fatty Acid Profile of Cretan Extra Virgin Bioolive Oils: A Pilot Study – PubMed / ResearchGate
  • Olive oil production on bronze age Crete: nutritional properties, processing methods and storage life of Minoan olive oil – ResearchGate


  • Living Monuments of Crete: The Oldest Olive Trees in the World Greece-is

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